Armored Core 6: S Rank Rewards


Armored Core 6 is an action-packed mecha video game that offers players the opportunity to pilot powerful armored machines and engage in intense battles. One of the main objectives in the game is to achieve an S rank in missions, which requires skill, strategy, and precision. In this article, we will explore the rewards that players can expect to receive when they achieve an S rank in Armored Core 6.

What is an S Rank?

In Armored Core 6, each mission is graded based on the player’s performance. The highest rank that can be achieved is an S rank, which signifies exceptional skill and mastery. To attain an S rank, players must complete the mission within a certain time limit, with minimal damage taken, and accomplish specific objectives.

S Rank Rewards

When players achieve an S rank in Armored Core 6, they are rewarded with various benefits and bonuses. These rewards serve as a testament to their skill and dedication. Here are some of the rewards that players can expect:

1. Enhanced Equipment

One of the most significant rewards for achieving an S rank is the access to enhanced equipment. This includes powerful weapons, advanced armor, and other upgrades that can greatly improve the performance of the player’s mech. These enhancements are often exclusive to S rank achievers and provide a competitive edge in future missions and battles.

2. Rare Blueprints

Another valuable reward for attaining an S rank is the acquisition of rare blueprints. These blueprints allow players to craft unique and powerful components for their mechs. These components may not be available through regular gameplay or can only be obtained through difficult challenges. The rare blueprints obtained through S rank achievements give players the opportunity to customize their mechs in exciting and innovative ways.

3. Special Paint Schemes

Players who achieve an S rank in Armored Core 6 are also rewarded with special paint schemes for their mechs. These paint schemes are exclusive to S rank achievers and serve as a visual representation of their accomplishment. These unique paint schemes allow players to stand out on the battlefield and showcase their skills to other players.

4. Unlockable Game Modes

In addition to equipment upgrades and visual rewards, achieving an S rank in Armored Core 6 may also unlock new game modes. These game modes provide additional challenges and gameplay options for players to explore. Whether it’s a time trial mode, a survival mode, or a multiplayer arena, these unlockable game modes offer fresh experiences and keep players engaged long after they have achieved the S rank.

5. Prestige and Recognition

Finally, achieving an S rank in Armored Core 6 brings a sense of prestige and recognition within the gaming community. Players who consistently achieve S ranks are often regarded as top-tier players and are respected for their skills and accomplishments. This recognition can lead to opportunities for collaboration, competitive play, and a sense of belonging within the Armored Core community.


Attaining an S rank in Armored Core 6 is a challenging and rewarding experience. The rewards that come with achieving this prestigious rank, such as enhanced equipment, rare blueprints, special paint schemes, unlockable game modes, and prestige, make the journey worthwhile. So, gear up, pilot your mech, and strive for excellence to unlock these exciting rewards in Armored Core 6.