BG3 Diamondsbane: A Guide to the Legendary Weapon in Baldur’s Gate 3


In the world of Baldur’s Gate 3, there are many powerful weapons that adventurers can discover and wield. One such legendary weapon is the BG3 Diamondsbane. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to know about this formidable weapon, including its origins, stats, and how to obtain it.

Origins of BG3 Diamondsbane

The BG3 Diamondsbane is a legendary weapon with a rich history. It was forged by the renowned dwarven blacksmith, Durgeddin the Black, who was known for his exceptional craftsmanship. Durgeddin created the Diamondsbane to protect his clan from the dangers of the Underdark, a treacherous and unforgiving realm inhabited by powerful creatures and evil forces.

The Diamondsbane gets its name from the unique gemstone embedded in its hilt, which is said to have the power to shatter even the hardest of diamonds. This gemstone is rumored to have been imbued with magical properties, enhancing the weapon’s already formidable abilities.

Stats and Abilities

The BG3 Diamondsbane is a two-handed greatsword that boasts impressive stats and abilities. Its base damage is high, making it a formidable weapon in combat. Additionally, the Diamondsbane has a +2 bonus to attack rolls, making it easier to hit enemies and deal significant damage.

One of the most notable abilities of the Diamondsbane is its ability to bypass a target’s damage resistance. This means that even enemies with high resistance to certain types of damage will still take the full brunt of the Diamondsbane’s attacks.

Furthermore, the Diamondsbane has a chance to deal additional radiant damage with each successful hit. This radiant damage is especially effective against creatures vulnerable to radiant damage, such as undead and fiends.

Obtaining the BG3 Diamondsbane

Obtaining the BG3 Diamondsbane is no easy feat. It is a rare and highly sought-after weapon that can only be found in specific locations or by defeating powerful enemies.

One possible way to obtain the Diamondsbane is by completing a challenging questline that takes you deep into the heart of the Underdark. Along the way, you will face dangerous foes and solve intricate puzzles, but the reward of obtaining the Diamondsbane will be worth the effort.

Alternatively, the Diamondsbane might be wielded by a formidable boss or enemy character. Defeating this enemy will grant you the opportunity to claim the Diamondsbane for yourself.


The BG3 Diamondsbane is a legendary weapon that holds immense power within the world of Baldur’s Gate 3. Its rich history, impressive stats, and unique abilities make it a highly coveted weapon among adventurers.

If you are lucky enough to obtain the BG3 Diamondsbane, you will wield a weapon capable of bypassing damage resistance and dealing devastating blows to your enemies. Whether you find it through a challenging quest or by defeating a powerful foe, the Diamondsbane will undoubtedly become a prized possession in your arsenal.

So, gear up, sharpen your blades, and embark on a quest to obtain the BG3 Diamondsbane. May its power guide you to victory in the treacherous world of Baldur’s Gate 3!