Feeding Animals in Dwarf Fortress: A Comprehensive Guide


One of the essential tasks in Dwarf Fortress is ensuring that your animals are well-fed. Proper animal care is crucial for their health and productivity. In this guide, we will explore the various ways to feed animals in Dwarf Fortress.

1. Pasture Management

Creating pastures is the first step in providing food for your animals. Designate specific areas by using the pasture tool and assign animals to graze in those areas. Ensure that the pastures are large enough to sustain the number of animals you have.

2. Growing Crops

Another way to feed animals is by growing crops. Designate farm plots and choose suitable crops such as grasses, alfalfa, or other edible plants. These crops can be harvested and used as animal feed.

3. Hunting and Fishing

If you have access to wildlife or bodies of water, hunting and fishing can provide a steady supply of food for your animals. Designate hunting zones or set up fishing areas to catch game or fish that can be used as feed.

4. Butchering and Cooking

In Dwarf Fortress, you can butcher animals and cook their meat to create prepared meals. By doing so, you can stockpile a reserve of food that can be used to feed your animals during times of scarcity.

5. Trading and Importing

If you are unable to produce enough food for your animals, you can trade with other civilizations or import food from them. Establishing trade routes can ensure a constant supply of food to keep your animals well-fed.


Feeding animals in Dwarf Fortress is a vital aspect of managing your fortress. By implementing pasture management, growing crops, hunting and fishing, butchering and cooking, and trading or importing, you can ensure that your animals are well-nourished and thriving.

Remember, a well-fed animal is a productive and valuable asset in your fortress!