How Many Seasons Are in The 100?


The 100 is a famous American put up-apocalyptic technology fiction tv collection that first premiered on March 19, 2014. Developed by Jason Rothenberg, the display is based totally on the unconventional series of the equal name written by Kass Morgan.

The Plot of The 100

The collection is set in a submit-apocalyptic destiny where Earth has been devastated with the aid of a nuclear war. The surviving human population resides in a massive space station known as the Ark. However, because of restrained resources, the Ark’s leaders determine to send 100 juvenile prisoners returned to Earth to decide whether or not it’s miles liveable once more.

As the tale progresses, the show explores the demanding situations faced with the aid of the 100 as they come across various dangers and factions on Earth. The series delves into topics of survival, morality, and the complexities of human nature.

The Seasons of The 100

The one hundred has a complete of seven seasons, each constructing upon the preceding one and expanding the general narrative. Here is a breakdown of the seasons:

  1. Season 1: The first season introduces the primary characters and their journey returned to Earth. They face numerous threats, together with radiation, mutated animals, and other survivors.
  2. Season 2: In the second season, the 100 discover that they are not alone on Earth. They encounter a group of people known as the Grounders and must navigate the complex dynamics between their own group and the Grounders.
  3. Season 3: Season 3 focuses on the aftermath of a devastating event called the Mount Weather massacre. The 100 and the Grounders must come together to face a new threat known as A.L.I.E., an artificial intelligence entity.
  4. Season 4: The fourth season explores the approaching nuclear apocalypse because of the failing nuclear reactors on Earth. The characters need to discover a way to survive and save you the extinction of the human race.
  5. Season 5: Season five takes place six years after the events of the previous season. The characters ought to adapt to a new international and confront the demanding situations posed with the aid of a brand new organization of survivors called the Eligius prisoners.
  6. Season 6: In the sixth season, the characters discover a new habitable planet called Sanctum. However, they soon realize that the planet holds its own secrets and dangers.
  7. Season 7: The final season of The 100 focuses on the characters’ efforts to save both Earth and Sanctum from destruction. They face their most challenging obstacles yet as they strive to create a better future for humanity.


The 100 is a fascinating television collection that has spanned seven seasons. It explores the complexities of human nature and the challenges faced by using a set of young survivors in a submit-apocalyptic international. With its concept-provoking storyline and nicely-advanced characters, The one hundred has garnered a committed fanbase and is still a famous choice for technological know-how fiction fans.