Lorrie Morgan: A Look at Her Marriages

Lorrie Morgan, a renowned American country music singer, has had an eventful personal life when it comes to marriages. Over the years, she has been married multiple times, each chapter in her life bringing its own set of joys and challenges.

Marriage #1: Ron Gaddis

Lorrie Morgan’s first marriage was to Ron Gaddis, a country music singer and musician. The couple tied the knot in 1979 when Lorrie was just 19 years old. However, their union faced difficulties, and they eventually divorced in 1981 after two years of marriage.

Marriage #2: Keith Whitley

In 1986, Lorrie Morgan married country music legend Keith Whitley. Their love story was a whirlwind romance, and they quickly became one of country music’s favorite couples. Unfortunately, their happiness was short-lived, as Keith Whitley tragically passed away in 1989 due to alcohol poisoning. Despite their brief time together, their love story remains a significant part of Lorrie Morgan’s life.

Marriage #3: Brad Thompson

After the loss of Keith Whitley, Lorrie Morgan found love again with Brad Thompson, a bus driver for her band. The couple married in 1991 and had a daughter named Morgan Anastasia Gaddis. However, their marriage faced its share of challenges, and they divorced in 1993.

Marriage #4: Jon Randall

In 1996, Lorrie Morgan married fellow country music artist Jon Randall. Their marriage brought them both personal and professional fulfillment, as they collaborated on several musical projects. However, after six years together, they decided to part ways and divorced in 2002.

Marriage #5: Sammy Kershaw

Sammy Kershaw, another country music singer, became Lorrie Morgan’s fifth husband. They married in 2001 and had a son named Jesse Keith Whitley, named after Lorrie’s late husband. Despite their efforts to make the marriage work, they faced challenges and divorced in 2007.

Marriage #6: Randy White

Lorrie Morgan’s sixth and most recent marriage was to businessman Randy White. They tied the knot in 2010, but unfortunately, their relationship faced difficulties, and they separated in 2019.


Lorrie Morgan’s personal life has been filled with love, heartbreak, and resilience. Despite the challenges she has faced in her marriages, she continues to be a beloved figure in the country music industry. Through it all, Lorrie Morgan’s music has remained a testament to her strength and perseverance.

While the number of times Lorrie Morgan has been married may have changed over the years, her talent and passion for country music remain unwavering.