The Best Feat for Shadowheart


Shadowheart, a popular character in the world of Dungeons and Dragons, is a versatile and powerful companion. As a cleric, she possesses a range of abilities that make her a valuable asset to any adventuring party. One way to enhance her effectiveness is by choosing the right feat. In this article, we will explore the best feat options for Shadowheart, taking into consideration her unique abilities and playstyle.

1. War Caster

One of the top choices for Shadowheart is the War Caster feat. This feat provides several benefits that complement her spellcasting abilities. Firstly, it allows her to perform somatic components of spells even when her hands are occupied with a shield or weapon. This means she can maintain her defense while still casting powerful spells.

Additionally, War Caster grants advantage on concentration saving throws, which is crucial for a spellcaster like Shadowheart who relies heavily on maintaining concentration during combat. This feat also allows her to make opportunity attacks with spells, providing her with more tactical options to control the battlefield.

2. Resilient (Constitution)

Another excellent feat choice for Shadowheart is Resilient (Constitution). As a frontline cleric, she often finds herself in the midst of battle, facing various threats. This feat enhances her durability by increasing her Constitution score and providing proficiency in Constitution saving throws.

With a higher Constitution score, Shadowheart gains more hit points, making her harder to take down. The proficiency in Constitution saving throws further improves her resilience, allowing her to resist the effects of spells and other abilities that target her Constitution. This feat is especially useful for Shadowheart if she frequently finds herself in the role of a tank or front-line fighter.

3. Alert

Shadowheart’s role as a cleric often involves supporting her allies and keeping them safe. The Alert feat can greatly enhance her ability to fulfill this role effectively. This feat grants a +5 bonus to initiative rolls, ensuring that Shadowheart acts quickly in combat.

Being the first to act allows her to set the tone of the battle, casting vital spells or taking actions that can turn the tide in her party’s favor. Additionally, the Alert feat prevents her from being surprised, which is crucial for maintaining control over the battlefield and reacting swiftly to potential threats.

4. Mobile

Shadowheart’s mobility can be a significant advantage in combat, allowing her to reposition herself strategically and reach allies or enemies quickly. The Mobile feat enhances her movement speed and provides additional benefits that make her an even more formidable force on the battlefield.

With the Mobile feat, Shadowheart’s speed increases by 10 feet, enabling her to cover more ground and reach her targets faster. Additionally, this feat allows her to move away from enemies without provoking opportunity attacks, giving her more freedom to maneuver and position herself optimally during combat. This increased mobility can be especially useful when she needs to reach wounded allies or escape dangerous situations.

5. Inspiring Leader

Shadowheart’s role as a cleric often involves providing support and inspiration to her allies. The Inspiring Leader feat aligns perfectly with this role, allowing her to bolster her party’s morale and increase their survivability.

With this feat, Shadowheart can spend time before a battle to deliver an inspiring speech or offer words of encouragement. This grants temporary hit points to each ally who can hear her, providing a buffer of extra health that can make a significant difference in combat. This feat not only enhances her support capabilities but also reinforces her role as a leader within the party.


When choosing the best feat for Shadowheart, it is essential to consider her unique abilities and playstyle. The War Caster feat enhances her spellcasting abilities, while Resilient (Constitution) improves her durability. The Alert feat allows her to act swiftly and maintain control over the battlefield, while the Mobile feat enhances her mobility. Finally, the Inspiring Leader feat reinforces her role as a support character and leader within the party.

Ultimately, the best feat for Shadowheart depends on the specific needs of your adventuring party and the role you want her to fulfill. Consider her strengths and weaknesses, as well as the overall party composition, to make the best choice that will maximize her effectiveness and contribute to the success of your adventures.