Nyt todays wordle 899 hint and answer 5 dec

Wordle 899 is out, and today’s word is a bit tricky. Here are some hints to help you solve it:

  • The word is an adjective and a noun.
  • It has two vowels.
  • It does not have any repeating letters.
  • It starts with the letter Y.
  • It ends with the letter G.

Wordle 899 Answer

The answer to Wordle #899 is YOUNG.

Wordle Strategies

Here are some strategies to help you solve Wordle #899:

  • Try starting with a word that has a lot of vowels.
  • Use the gray, yellow, and green letters to narrow down your guesses.
  • Don’t be afraid to guess words that you’re not sure about. You can always use the backspace key to go back and change your guess.

Wordle 899 Conclusion

Wordle #899 is a bit tricky, but it’s definitely solvable. With a little bit of luck and strategy, you’ll be able to solve it in no time.